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We're using  co-culture  to make
 1 + 1 = 10 


Starting with nature

There are a lot of exciting plant species and microorganisms out there for the food world.

Microalgae and fungi are in many ways the leaders, because they're so efficient in terms of time and land use, and they can produce all sorts of proteins, fats, vitamins, and more, without any harmful effects to the climate.

Adding them together

At Allium Bio, we’ve developed a novel co-culturing system that grows multiple species together, to combine their strengths.


Using specific strains of microalgae, fungi, and other microorganisms, we get this incredible 1+1=10 effect, where the final ingredient is more than the sum of its parts.  


In our co-culture, these species work together to improve the protein yield and total biomass at a fraction of the regular cost of production.

Building for the future

When we started the company, we were working mostly on microalgae and fungi because we knew that they could grow together symbiotically.


We’ve now expanded our technology to include more types of microorganisms, and we're building a model to predict what other species might work well together.  


In the end, we'll be able to replace years of research work with much faster modeling, and design co-cultured ingredients that solve for sustainability without sacrificing on quality.

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