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The negative impacts of traditional meat are clear

Every way you can measure it, traditional agriculture puts enormous pressure on the planet’s resources.  

  • Today the agriculture industry contributes to ~25% of the global greenhouse gas emissions

  • Animal agriculture takes up 77% of all agricultural land on Earth despite supplying only 17% of humanity’s food supply.

  • For every single kilogram of beef produced, there is equivalent to 11 more cars on the road; for every two kilos, the equivalent of a 1hr domestic flight.

With the world population officially crossing 8 billion in late 2022, and the biggest global economies still struggling with their Paris agreements, the world is burning faster and faster, and we are quickly running out of space and time.

But plant-based options can sometimes feel like a sacrifice...

While more and more people of all ages and backgrounds cross the world are beginning to describe themselves as flexitarians...


...the reality is that the most important thing to consumers are taste and texture.


We believe the recipe to success is in the ingredients

Whether you're trying to make a plant-based beef sirloin, a salmon burger, or a chicken stew, the bar for meeting the taste and texture of traditional meat is just so high.


Meanwhile, many of the commercially available ingredients are just not that good…

  • The leading options for plant protein today, soy & pea, have a whole list of issues:

    • GMO issues, allergen issues, sustainability issues, flavouring issues, etc.

  • On top of that, most products have to mix in all these other things to get closer to the taste and texture of traditional meats:

    • Methylcellulose, carrageenan, oils and flavorings to make it juicy-feeling, vitamin B1, B3, B12, that list goes on even further...

And that's where Allium Bio comes in...

At Allium Bio, we’re creating sustainable and functional ingredients to replace those processed additives.


We use a brand new fermentation technology to grow our plant-based ingredients with better textures, flavors, and functional properties.


Better ingredients, better products, and a cleaner ingredients label for everyone.


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